Facebook Gives Businesses More Security for Their Apps

Earlier this week, Facebook launched some new security fea...
Facebook Gives Businesses More Security for Their Apps
Written by Chris Crum
  • Earlier this week, Facebook launched some new security features for user accounts. Now, they’ve followed that up with new security feature for applications. 

    "As companies building on Platform grow, they develop the need to give people different levels of access, depending on individuals’ roles," says Facebook engineer Harshdeep Singh.

    Apps now have roles for: administrator, developer, tester, and insights user. An administrator of course has complete access to everything. A developer can modify technical settings and access Insights, but they can’t reset secret keys, delete apps, or add users. Testers can simply test the app in sandbox mode, but can’t modify it. Insights users can access insights, but can’t modify the app. 

    To start, all users listed as developers will become administrators, and Facebook is encouraging them to update their settings. 

    Facebook App Roles

    They’ve also added more ways to monitor and control application changes. "To help businesses track changes, administrators can now specify an email address to receive notifications when their application’s settings are modified," says Singh. "We’ve also introduced an advanced security feature, which lets administrators require that changes are made from specific IP addresses."

    As more and more businesses rely on Facebook applications (a number that is bound to increase significantly as Facebook Credits continue to pick up steam), it’s going to be increasingly important that businesses have all the control possible for their applications, so these changes would appear to be much needed.

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