Facebook Gets A Social Research Platform For Brands

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Techlightenment, a division of Experian, has partnered with performance-based ad network Adknowledge, to launch as social research platform on Facebook.

The Social Research Platform (SRP) can layer opt-in social data of a user's interests and demographics on top of survey responses. With access to this information, brands can make better decisions about ad campaigns, marketing strategies, and competitive positioning.
“In the same way that Hollywood studios screen movies to gauge consumer reaction prior to general release, companies can use the Social Research Platform to test and refine brand messaging or get feedback on products,” said Ankur Shah, co-founder of Techlightenment.

“And with the social research platform, we can reach more than 10,000 people, online, in a day.”

Adknowledge will offer users virtual currency and in-game points that can be used on a number of Facebook games, for taking part in surveys. Brands can promote surveys on their Facebook pages and websites. Techlightenment says the Social Research Platform is compliant with Facebook's privacy and social gaming guidelines.

Adknowledge connects advertisers with consumers where they spend their time. With the Social Research Platform, we offer virtual currency in exchange for completing surveys,” said John Cole, Managing Director of Adknowledge Europe.

“There are hundreds of millions of social gamers in Facebook, 80% of which play at least once a day, and we’ve seen that they are happy to trade their time and attention for rewards in the games they play.