All Facebook Employees Required To Have Facebook Accounts

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This may seem obvious, but all Facebook employees are required to have Facebook accounts. Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew “Boz” Bosworth confirmed as much on Quora.

In response to the question: “Are there people at Facebook that do not have a Facebook account?” Bosworth responded:

“No, our tools require that all employees have an account.”

Bosworth has been fairly active on Quora, dropping nuggets about the company here and there. Another recent question he addressed was: “Are there any employees of Facebook that feel uneasy about their company’s success and its future, going into 2012, and would like to elaborate on it?”

He said, “Probably not.”

When a Quora user asked, “How many Facebook messages can I send to anyone or specific person per day?” he said:

“There are no fixed limits. We have numerous safeguards against abuse which could limit you if your behavior appears to be spammy or unwanted and even those are adaptive so there is no set rule.”

Anyone recall the guy who sued Facebook for $1.00 after being labeled a spammer by the company?

Chris Crum
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