Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Isn't Too Keen on Chris Christie

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Last week, we heard that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to hold his first-ever political fundraiser at his Palo Alto home. The lucky recipient of the funds? Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

But not everyone credited with co-founding the biggest social network in the world is completely on board the Chris Christie endorsement.

Chris Hughes think that Christie's stance on gay marriage (current opposition) is cause to "raise serious concerns about supporting someone like him."

Here's what Hughes told ABC News:

“I, for one, have a lot of questions about Chris Christie, particularly because less than a year ago he vetoed a marriage equality bill in the New Jersey state legislature. Which for me personally, I got married to my husband last June, [it] was just really personally frustrating. I mean, there are tens of thousands of couples in New Jersey that can’t share their love and be recognized under the law because of that decision. I’m not a single issue voter, and I think most people aren’t either, but for me personally, it would raise serious concerns about supporting someone like him.”

Hughes married his longtime boyfriend Sean Eldridge last July. His wedding was attended by Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, and some other notables including House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

Hughes, along with Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin launched Facebook from a Harvard dorm room nearly nine years ago. Hughes is currently the publisher and editor-in-chief of The New Republic.

Until now, Mark Zuckerberg hasn't really thrown his weight behind any particular politician. He's attended dinners with President Obama, and has been linked to Newark, New Jersey's Democratic mayor Cory Booker. Some Democrats are upset with Zuckerberg over his choice to host the Christie Fundraiser.

Facebook, as an organization, spreads the money around pretty evenly across both parties when it comes to how they utilize their political action committee, Facebook Inc, PAC. They are also one of the most outspoken pro-LGBT companies around.

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