Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks Legal Battle, Won’t See “The Social Network”

This week Facebook surpassed 500 million users, but that's not the only reaso...
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks Legal Battle, Won’t See “The Social Network”
Written by Chris Crum
  • This week Facebook surpassed 500 million users, but that’s not the only reason the world’s largest social network is making headlines.

    This post from O’Reilly Radar breaks down where Facebook’s half a billion users reside by region. Asia appears to be the fastest-rising region for Facebook users, currently sitting at 17% of the social network’s user base.

    Mark Zuckerberg was interviewed by "The Facebook Effect" author David Kirkpatrick and Guy Raz from NPR. All Facebook’s Nick O’Neill put together a list of seven takeaways from what Zuckerberg had to say. Among these were that the company is working on improving Friend lists, the daily percentage of active users has increased, and Facebook has 400 engineers.

    Kirkpatrick contributed his own piece to Fortune, talking about the current legal battle Facebook is in with Paul Ceglia, who claims to own 84% of Facebook (a little more on that here if you’re not familiar). He says Zuckerberg told him there is no truth to Ceglia’s claims. "It was all about his website. I hadn’t even thought of Facebook yet. How could I have given him an ownership interest in it?" he quotes Zuckerberg as saying.

    Zuckerberg also talked to Diane Sawyer, and dismissed the upcoming Facebook movie "The Social Network" as fiction, though he also says he has no plans to see it. ABC posted the following clip:

    Fred Wilson, an investor in both Twitter and Foursquare spoke at the Geo-Loco conference in San Francisco, where he is reported to have said, "Facebook is a photo-sharing site, really. Maybe with some chat attached to it" and "I don’t think the open graph is important. Everybody’s got a social graph. Every large-scale web app has a social graph. I don’t think Facebook’s social graph is anything to be scared of." He did, however comment on a VentureBeat story about it that he was just trying to be fun and controversial on stage, but that "I do believe, at least in some way, in everything I said."

    Do you believe the open graph is important? Share your thoughts.

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