Facebook: Bug Fixes And Upcoming Changes

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Facebook loves developers, they even created a weekly feature out of it called, "Operation Developer Love." While most of it is just a recap of the previous week's developer features for Facebook, it does sometimes contain juicy nuggets of information on what's coming next to the platform and Open Graph.

Speaking of Open Graph, Facebook has finally caught up on reviewing Open Graph submissions in their backlog. They are working on reducing their response time, but sorting through thousands of submissions takes a while. They ask developers to complete their new Open Graph checklist before submitting their request.

Facebook is retiring three parts of the Facebook development platform on April 1. If you have any applications that uses any of the following tools, better change them now:

Removing support to claim Domains using Page ID
We will remove the ability to claim domains with a Page ID. The recommended option for claiming domains is with an App ID or User ID and existing domains that have been claimed will continue to work fine. After claiming domains, owners are able to view insights or run Domain Sponsored Stories. See the Insights documentation for more on the updated domain claiming flow.

Making deprecated SDK repositories private
We will make the Python and C# SDK repositories on GitHub private. These repositories are deprecated and may not work as expected due to changes in our auth system.

Removing canvas_name field from application object
We will be removing the canvas_name field in favor of namespace field on the application object.

The bug report is always the most fascinating part of the Facebook developer recap. Over the last week, Facebook has had 236 bug reports. Out of those 236 bug reports, 43 bugs were accepted, 12 were by design, 28 were fixed and 81 were duplicates, invalid or need more information.

To see the full list of bug fixes, check out the platform update page.

Facebook is a constantly evolving service that needs to be transparent for developers to make the magic happen. The site is a shining example of close interaction with developers to make sure the site remains active and bug free. This week's bug fixes should make things go smoother for everybody - developers and users.