Facebook And Bolt Peters Join Forces

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I wouldn't say that the current Facebook design is anti-user friendly, but it could use some improvements. Facebook's latest hiring suggests that they're taking user experience very seriously.

You might not be aware of Bolt Peters, but they are a group that focuses on user experience and design for Web sites, devices, cars and other promotional materials. They've been very successful with multiple clients from all over the world like Sony, Volkswagen and the New York Times, but the company is closing on June 22. At that time, employees from the company will be moving to the Facebook design team.

Nate Bolt, one of the co-founders, announced the closure on the company blog. The company obviously has fans and they might be a little worried about Bolt Peters' other projects once they close up shop. You have no need to worry as each of their side projects will continue on under different leadership.

First up is ethnio, a UX research recruiting firm. The company became independent on May 17 and the closure of Bolt Peters will not have an effect on the company. They announced a couple of changes coming to the service at that time. If you want to know more, check out their blog post.

Bolt Peters used to als manage an event called User Research Friday. The event was billed as a "casual conference" for UX, research and design professionals could meet up and discuss the latest trends in the industry. Bolt says that the conference is now in good hands User Interface Engineering.

They also hosted a mobile photography conference called 1197. That event will now be hosted by the New York Soho Gallery for Digital Art. So as you can see, the closure of Bolt Peters will not have any effect on the projects and conferences they curated over the years.

It sounds like the team will be creating a far more interesting user experience at Facebook. We probably won't see the fruits of their labor until later on down the road, but you can check out some examples of their previous work from videos to books.

[h/t: All Things D] [Lead Image: Boltron via flickr]