Ex-Ask CEO Joins LinkedIn's Board Of Directors

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At least in terms of percentages, LinkedIn's board of directors expanded by quite a bit today.  Indeed, it grew 25 percent thanks to the addition of Skip Battle, who served as the CEO of Ask.com between early 2001 and the middle of 2005.

Battle's resume is an interesting one, even leaving aside that stint at Ask.  He spent almost 30 years in different positions at Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, demonstrating a greater-than-average ability to stick with a company and succeed there.

Now, though, Battle's spreading his time around a lot more.  Counting his new role with LinkedIn, he's on seven different companies' boards of directors, and is chairman of the board at an eight organization.  Plus, Battle's a senior fellow at the Aspen Institute.

This appears to be a man whose advice is much sought after, then, and it makes sense that LinkedIn would add a seat to its board to accommodate him.  Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn's CEO, explained the move by stating, "We are positioning the company for significant growth this year and over the long term.  Skip Battle brings a unique combination of consumer web and enterprise experience that will help guide our company."

LinkedIn's official release on the matter also indicated that the company will about double the size of its staff this year.

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