Evernote Brings Skitch to iPad


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Late this summer Evernote, makers of the uber-popular note taking software of the same name, announced that they were buying Skitch, the company that made an (also eponymous) image annotation app for the Mac and Android phones.

Skitch for Mac and Android

Today, Evernote announced that they have brought Skitch to the iPad [iTunes link]. The app is free in the iTunes App Store. The app allows users to draw and annotate on a wide variety of images - screen shots, maps, photos, the web, and more. It also includes a variety of sharing options. Users can send their work to Evernote (of course), as well as sending as email attachments or posting to Twitter. The app also allows for sharing over AirPlay

Skitch on the iPad

Evernote is careful to stress that they have not forgotten iPhone users. They say they have an iPhone app in the works already, but that they wanted to focus on the iPad first, as it seemed a better platform to show off the app’s capabilities.

Skitch is free in the App Store. Take a test drive, then let us know what you think in the comments.