Even Pacific Rim May Not Be Immune To The Cheap Game Tie-In


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Every preview thus far has convinced me more and more that Pacific Rim will be the best movie of 2013. Sure, I'm easy to please, but giant robots and giant monsters do usually make everything better. Unfortunately, that nearly universal rule doesn't apply to most game adaptations.

If you weren't aware already, Pacific Rim is getting a video game adaptation to go along with the movie. The developer today released a gameplay trailer that happens to be devoid of any gameplay. Check out the trailer to see for yourself:

It's already bad news when a trailer refuses to show any actual gameplay, but it's even worse when what they do show doesn't even look good. I don't know what went through the developers' minds when they were making this game, but all they had to do was slap a Pacific Rim skin over Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.

The only saving grace is that the game is being made by Yuke's. The developer has made a number of excellent wrestling games in the past, and they could bring that expertise to the Pacific Rim game. I just wish they would show some robot on monster battle action to allay my fears.

If you feel the need for more Pacific Rim after you come away from the movie, I would suggest you just watch it again. If that's not feasible, however, you can pick up the game on July 12 for the Xbox Live, PSN and PC.