Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall Become New Parents


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It's safe to say that winning "America's Next Top Model," cycle three, was model Eva Marcille's biggest achievement. But now it appears her biggest and most beautiful achievement is her new daughter, who was just born yesterday.

The newborn's name is Marley Rae McCall and according to Marcille, she looks just like mom. "Wow she has her mothers eyes," wrote the 28-year old on an Instagram photo. "Never knew I could fall in love again. I've never known love like this."

Marley Rae's father is singer and songwriter, Kevin McCall, who's been involved with Marcille since January of last year. Before that, Marcille dated actor Lance Gross, and prior to him, she was involved with the rapper Flo Rida. And although Marcille said she cared for both Gross and Flo Rida, marriage or a longer lasting relationship was never meant to be.

But, she was really surprised that things didn't work out with Gross.

"Lance didn't mess up," said Marcille, in an interview with radio station Power 105.1 in New York. "I know we were both committed to each other. He didn't want to be with anyone else. I didn't want to be with anyone else, so naturally you feel the next step is, 'Let me propose'".

But her relationship with Flo Rida was different, she said, because she never really wanted to marry him or even be totally committed. "I didn't want anything too serious," Marcille explained. "Flo's a great guy. He got really holy on me, and wanted to go to church all the time."

However, that was a while ago, and today, it seems both of those relationships are a million miles away from what Marcille is now, a mother and a girlfriend to someone who's she's obviously very serious with. And Mccall seems to be in relationship bliss too, and it looks like he's embracing fatherhood right off the bat, as he sent out an Instagram photo of his own.

"Marley Rae McCall," he wrote with the photo. "She came out fighting the nurses! This is def our child, LOL Thank you Jesus Christ for everything going decently and in order."

Image via Wikimedia Commons