European Court Rules on Microsoft's EU Fines

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Back in 2004 European regulators ordered Microsoft to provide market competitors with information critical to fair competition. Microsoft didn't submit to the request and on March in 2004 they issued a fine for non-compliance.

The fine broke a new record for largest fine ever imposed, and regulators slapped Microsoft with a $1.1 billion penalty for taking advantage of their dominant position in the market.

Microsoft's lawyers were in court last May arguing that the fines were excessive and undeserved. Next month on the 27th, the case will be back in court and awaiting a verdict. Lawyers for the EU claim that Microsoft took a gamble and lost and should be held accountable for the full amount of the fine.

The decision of the court will set a precedent for other companies challenging regulatory fines. Intel is also currently facing penalties in Europe for violating anti-trust laws. Their case dates back to 2009 where they were fined for using anti-competitive tactics to combat a smaller firm. We'll be watching these cases closely. Check back for more news as the court date approaches.

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