ESPN's Jemele Hill Tweets the Racist Complaint Letter She Received

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Today, ESPN reporter Jemele Hill took the time to tweet out a letter she received from a disgruntled ESPN radio listener, and boy is it a doozy.

"I gotta say, this guy executed the hat trick of racial slurs," she tweeted out to her 138,000+ followers. Hill is a columnist for ESPN, but also makes many appearances on ESPN Radio and well as the ESPN family of television networks as an analyst.

The letter, addressed to ESPN Radio (c/o Jemele Hill), is a handwritten, and is full of not-so-subtle racism and pointed barbs. In the letter, you'll find everything from "jungle bunny" to "thick-lipped gorilla" to "spear-chucker." Sickening.

Here it is:


Hill's been pretty active on Twitter ever since, discussing the letter. It appears that she's not lost her sense of humor over the whole thing:


Maybe it's because she's used to it.

"I get one a day," she says. "Usually you expect one or two slurs per letter. Dude had 50-11 of them in one letter."

Stuff like this is both shocking and totally not shocking at the same time. I guess we can thank Twitter for giving someone like Hill the chance to simply post the classless "fan"'s letter and get a conversation going.

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