Erykah Badu Tries To Steal A Kiss From News Reporter


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Anyone seen Erykah Badu recently? The singer-songwriter has been the talk of the internet since she Bababooeyed television news reporter Mario Diaz on Friday.

Diaz was giving his Pix11 audience the latest scoop on Shia LeBouef's most recent meltdown live from midtown Manhattan. Then Badu walked into the frame and took the opportunity for an extended videobomb.

While Diaz is speaking into the camera, Badu is clearly seen in the background making faces, waving, and performing a certain obscene gesture with her hands. Diaz, meanwhile, is totally unaware of Badu's presence.

Until...she goes in for the kiss. Diaz, in full New York City defensive mode, is able to lightly push Badu away before she can plant her lips on his cheek. The professional reporter barely lets the interruption disturb the flow of his newscast and continues on like nothing ever happened.

A few Pix11 fans could tell that Badu was the culprit in the video, despite her large Pharrell-style hat. Badu initially denied it was her, but eventually took to her Twitter page to claim responsibility in a simple tweet that said, "Sorry Mario."

Diaz is taking the whole kissbomb situation with the lightness that it was intended. He said, "I just want your extra time and your... kiss." He added, "Next time I won't do the NYC push back."

Erykah Badu was one of several celebrities who made an appearance at Spike Lee's 25th anniversary celebration of his seminal film Do the Right Thing over the weekend. The block party was held in Bed Stuy, where the film was shot. Public Enemy performed their hit song Fight The Power, which served as the theme for the film about racial tension in Brooklyn.

Dave Chappelle and Wesley Snipes were also at the celebration. Barack and Michelle Obama made an appearance via video message, where they informed the audience that they went to go see Do The Right Thing on their first date.

Image via Wikimedia Commons