Erin Andrews: Unashamedly Starstruck At CMT Awards Rehearsals

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Erin Andrews had a scary moment when her favorite (and everyone else's) country music superstar, Carrie Underwood, seemed to be in harm's way.

Erin Andrews was having a blast pretending not to be completely starstruck at the rehearsal's for the CMT Awards, which aired Wednesday night.

With Brittany Snow as her co-host and co-storyteller, Erin Andrews recalled the tense moment and what led up to it.

Snow said, "You heard [Underwood] from afar and she freaked out."

She continued, "And then the funniest moment was a big crash happened and immediately Erin [Andrews] goes, 'Oh my god. Is she OK?! ' She was very, very scared for her life. But I think it was just something that made a loud clang."

U can't tell I'm excited abt hosting the #CMTawards tonight at all?!?! Sarcasm!!! See u soon!!

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That would be scary for a superfan like Erin Andrews!

Andrews clarified what went down, saying in her best anchor voice, "Breaking news. Let's clarify on the ticker: She did not fall."

She added, "I think it was like an acoustic bass situation. We were trying to get our promos done yesterday and I may or may not have followed the rules and someone said she was right inside. I went into a full-on sprint and called it my cardio for the afternoon. I saw her for two seconds."

Such a funny story!

Did you watch the CMT Awards on Wednesday night? What did you think of Carrie Underwood's performances?

And more importantly, did you think Erin Andrews and Brittany Snow did a good job with their hosting duties?

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