Erin Andrews Didn't Mind Richard Sherman's Rant

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Richard Sherman's rant after beating the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC championship has received both positive and negative comments, but the lady who interviewed him, Erin Andrews, didn't seem to have a problem with his outburst.

For those who may not remember, right after winning the NFC Championship game, the win that would lead them to Sunday's Super Bowl, Andrews interviewed Sherman. The Seattle Seahawks cornerback said, “I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get.” Andrews then asked, "Who was talking about you?" “Crabtree. Don’t you ever talk about me. Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’ll shut it for you real quick,” responded Sherman.

Recently Andrews appeared on Fox's Media Buzz and commented on Sherman's post-game outburst. “I don’t think it was bizarre, I think it was great. I wish more athletes would be like that. We want someone to lose their minds like that…That’s why it went viral; that’s why people were going bananas over it. You don’t usually see athletes doing that. You see them very composed," said Andrews.

The Fox Sports reporter interviewed Sherman again for the Super Bowl pregame show. Andrews said, “We hugged. We made fun of a lot of people in their comments and we had a good time.”

It wasn't just Sherman's rant that got many talking, but also Andrews reaction. Jeff Pearlman and Kevin Harlan are two notable people who didn't approve of Andrews during the interview, with Harlan calling her "drama queenish."

The two have since apologized. Pearlman took to his blog, saying, "[W]hen it comes to women reporters, networks (in my opinion) place too great an emphasis on looks. I know … I know—it’s a visual medium, and attractiveness draws viewers. Still, it strikes me as an awful double standard. Nobody’s demanding beauty and sexiness from, say, Chris Berman or Joe Buck or Stuart Scott. Yet it seems that—bottom line—women with sex appeal have an inside track over women with fantastic knowledge and poise but, say, a belly. Or a mole. I get it. Really, I do. It just infuriates me, because I’ve known very talented women who have felt they don’t really have a shot."

Harlan told CBS Houston SportsRadio 610, “Erin is a pro and I should have given more thought to the situation that she was in, which was incredibly uncomfortable. What people don’t realize is that she’s got people talking in her ear, the director and people in the truck and there’s just a lot going on. I was incredibly unfair with what I said and I wish I would have thought more. I shouldn’t have said what I said. It was wrong.”

Image via Andrews' official Twitter account.

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