Erin Andrews: Did She Diss Jarret Stoll on 'Dancing With the Stars?'

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Erin Andrews certainly isn't happy about boyfriend Jarret Stoll's arrest last weekend on drug charges in Las Vegas. But did the Dancing With the Stars co-host throw some serious shade in his direction on the show this week?

According to a report from the New York Post, Erin Andrews was engaged in a conversation with DWTS contestant Willow Shields, who chatted about how she isn't a party animal.

“I just sit at home and watch movies all week,” the Hunger Games actress told Andrews.

Some believe Erin Andrews was referring to Jarret Stoll when she replied.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I feel like some other people should learn from you," she said to Shields.


That definitely sounds like a big diss thrown straight at her boyfriend.

32-year-old NHL player Jarret Stoll was arrested last Friday, when he was found with both cocaine and Molly in his swim trunks.

Erin Andrews has yet to publicly (and directly) comment on the arrest.

Earlier this week a former Ole Miss basketball player--Marshall Henderson--dissed Erin Andrews. She once called him out publicly for testing positive for drug use. He got the revenge he once vowed to get, in the form of a tweet.

As of this week on Dancing With the Stars, however, it appears as though Erin Andrews is doing some dissing of her own--this time aimed at her boyfriend.

Do you expect Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll's relationship will survive his recent arrest? Or is that simply more public humiliation than the Fox Sports reporter and Dancing With the Stars co-host can take?

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