"Epic" Angry Birds Game Teased by Rovio


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Despite the rise of games such as Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga, the Angry Birds franchise still remains one of the biggest brands in mobile gaming. Rovio last year kept the avian train running with the release of cart racer Angry Birds Go! and a sequel to the marketing match made in heaven, Angry Birds Star Wars II.

With Rovio's fall releases out of the way, however, Angry Birds fans have had to make due now with months of expansions for existing games. The developer did tease Angry Birds Stella, a more character-focued line of games and other media revolving around Angry Birds' pink bird, but even that series is set for a fall release.

Today Rovio teased Angry Birds fans even further with a new tease for an unannounced game. In a short new trailer uploaded to the Rovio YouTube channel the studio is teasing an "epic" new Angry Birds game:

The suit of armor teased in the video obviously suggests that whatever the game is it will have a fantasy setting or elements. It's unclear what exactly all this means, but what is clear is that Angry Birds fans in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be the first to find out.