Emoticons Begin Popping Up on Facebook Comments

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Winky face! Now you can show your true intentions to your Facebook pals by leaving them a cool emoticon as a comment on their posts. No longer will our comments be constricted to boring textual representations of emotions. In an update shipped over the weekend, Facebook has unleashed emoticons on its users.

Well, not completely.

While emoticons will now show up in comments...

Facebook emoticons in comments

They aren't yet a part of your actual status updates...

As pointed out by The Next Web, the transition to emoticons in comments has yet to ship to Facebook's mobile apps (iOS or Android) nor the mobile web. As of now, it's just a desktop thing. Emoticons made in comments will simply appear textual on mobile.

Back in June, Facebook finally added emoticons to chat. Users has been able to add emoticons to chats for a while, but they had to use special codes. Now, there's an actual emoticon menu accessible next to the chat box. 😉

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