Emma Watson Is Officially Most Outstanding Woman

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Emma Watson holds the honor this year of being named the most outstanding woman on the annual list arranged by AskMen.com.

This list of women, with Emma Watson on the top, is more than just about looks.

According to publisher James Bassil, "This year's list is not only a reflection of a shift in the media, but also a shift in modern male thinking. We wanted to steer away from 'hot' lists and highlight women who have demonstrated a sheer influence in their industry."

He added, "We were looking for women who are doing something new this year, something that demonstrates their versatility and raw talent."

Emma Watson is definitely a great choice for this year! Her star has been rising since her days as Hermione on the Harry Potter series and not only for her acting talent.

Emma Watson has grown into an amazing woman who uses her time and effort to fight for the rights of women everywhere.

The website said of Emma Watson, "For those who grew up alongside the actors in the Harry Potter movies, it's strange to see just how damn accomplished Emma Watson has become. Not content with being smart, rich and talented, she's spent much of her time working to end gender discrimination."

It continued, "Hell, at 24 years old, she makes almost everyone seem lazy."

That is true, I have actually had that feeling about Emma Watson before!

UFC fighter Ronda Rousy comes in at number two behind Emma Watson. Behind her at number three is Kim Kardashian, but before you think this may have slipped into "hot list" territory, the website states that she was recognized for her business sense, not showing the entire world her "business".

It says, "Those who know Kim from Keeping Up With the Kardashians might be quick to write her off. But if you step back and take a look at the facts, Kim has managed to flip Z-level fame into A-list status through pure business savvy. TV show, check. Perfume line? Check. Coffee-table book? Check. Biggest mobile app of 2014? Check, please. If anyone could break the internet, it's Kim K. She's a force to be reckoned with."

Ok, point taken.

What do you think about the top three women in this year's outstanding women list? Would you have picked Emma Watson for the number one spot?

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