Emma Stone Slated to Play Rosemary Kennedy In Biopic About the Mentally-Ill Sister of JFK

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Emma Stone has been asked to take on the role of Rosemary Kennedy in a new biopic about the mentally-ill sister of John F Kennedy, Jr..

According to Variety, the Oscar-nominated actress will portray the eldest daughter of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, and sibling to senators Robert F. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, during her final days in Letters to Rosemary.

Rosemary led a difficult life and was one of the first people in America to undergo a prefrontal lobotomy at the age of 23.

The botched lobotomy, which left the young woman permanently incapacitated, will be the focus of the film penned by Nick Yarborough.

The script explores the moments leading up to the lobotomy, what happened during the procedure and the lasting affects on the family in the years following the procedure.

Rosemary Kennedy was reportedly an affectionate and dutiful daughter who was always eager to please her father. After displaying behavioral problems that caused her to fall behind the achievements of her siblings, Joseph Kennedy arranged the lobotomy. A year later, that same young woman was unable to form a sentence, which became one of many dark family secrets and a source of shame and embarrassment for the family.

The film starring Emma Stone has been on the coveted Black List of unproduced screenplays and is currently being shopped to studios and independent financiers. So far no one has shown interest just yet.

Pam Wright