Emily Blunt Says Husband Didn't Know She Could Sing

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Emily Blunt spoke in an interview recently about whether or not she's down for a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada, and while she said she's on board if everyone else is, talk soon moved to yet another movie starring the actress and Meryl Streep: the recently-released Into The Woods, in which Blunt shows off a rarely-heard singing voice.

In fact, she says only her own mother knew she could sing; her husband, former star of The Office John Krasinski, had no clue.

"My mom always thought I was a good singer, but I think all moms think their kids are good singers. That's why you see these poor disillusioned people auditioning for American Idol....I think he was surprised even to hear that I was auditioning for a musical, because I hadn't really sung in front of him ever—hummed in the car a few times, but nothing really," Blunt said of Krasinski. "I think he was pretty taken aback."

The film is already getting amazing reviews as flocks of families set out on Christmas Day to theaters, but Blunt is already thinking about the future. Rumors that she'll star as a superhero soon have been making their way across the web, and while she says that's just the fans' way of showing their love for her (for now), she did talk about another rumor that has been circling her name for the better part of a decade: a sequel to Prada, which would see her star once more as the hilariously bitchy Emily.

"I would do it, but only if everyone did it. I don't know why it hasn't been done, but everyone's got to do it."

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