Emilia Clarke Stayed In "Game Of Thrones" Co-Star's "Haunted" House

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Emilia Clarke recently stayed in New Orleans, where the air is thick with humidity and greenery and, apparently, ghosts. The Game Of Thrones star told Jimmy Kimmel this week that she crashed at her co-star Michael Huisman's place in the historic city and knew right away that she was dealing with the supernatural.

“Oh my goodness, it was definitely, definitely haunted. They said, ‘You know it’s haunted because the air is really thick and it feels kind of super humid,’” Clarke said.

Huisman claims his house isn't full of spirits, but in a city as old as New Orleans--where death is often celebrated rather than made into a somber affair--it's easy to imagine ghosts making themselves at home.

Emilia was in New Orleans to shoot scenes for Terminator: Genisys, in which she plays Sarah Connor. For director Alan Taylor--who also directed her on Game Of Thrones--Clarke's strengths are much the same whether she's playing Sarah or Daenarys.

“There’s such authority in this young woman coupled with this tremendous vulnerability. You look at those eyes and you kind of want to take care of her at the same time that she’s barking orders at you and scaring you," Taylor said.

Emilia, whose father was a sound designer for stage productions in London when she was younger, says she can't remember a time when she didn't want to be an actress and recalls her first interview, when she chose age three as the year she discovered her calling.

“It was one of the first interviews I’d ever done and it was like, pick a number, any number, and I was like, ‘Let’s go with 3. Sure. Why not?’ Basically I just wanted to say from very young. I just can’t even think of a time in my life where I didn’t want to be an actor,” she said.

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