Elvis Hair Sold at Recent Memorabilia Auction

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Elvis' hair was sold along with other rock and sports star memorabilia at the Music Icons and Sports Legends auction by Julien’s Auctions. In addition to a few locks from Presley's famous head, cash-saturated buyers could also pick up a notebook filled with handwritten lyrics from Michael Jackson and some lingerie worn by Madonna. Yes, folks, apparently people are interested in owning clothing that was once covered in Madonna sweat.

Presley's hair, which was clipped by the musician's favorite barber, Homer “Gil” Gilleland, comes sealed in a vial which should, in theory, preserve the locks for many years to come. Considering the price of the hair was a whopping $4,000, here's hoping it stays fresh long enough for its new owner to get some enjoyment out of his or her purchase. What that may be, I shudder to think. In addition to the hair, a motorcycle jacket worn by the singer brought in $41,600, while one of his necklaces snagged an impressive $31,250.

Jackson's items managed to bring in a ridiculous amount of cash, as well. The handwritten notebook, which includes lyrics to "Billie Jean", sold for $40,625. The legendary musician's 1984 Video Music Award, meanwhile, was purchased for $50,000, and a pair of signed black loafers were auctioned off at $18,750.

Last, but certainly not least, is Madonna's underwear. If you're a diehard fan of the Material Girl, then perhaps owning something that was once up close and personal with the singer is something you'd fancy. Madonna's lingerie, which she wore during her Blonde Ambition tour, went for a staggering $34,375. Another piece of underwear, which was also plastered across her nether region during one of her many concerts, sold for $13,750.

Additionally, a few items from Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse were also available for sale. However, musicians weren't the only ones with items up for grabs. A pair of Michael Jordan's shoes, which he reportedly wore during his basketball days, went for $10,000.

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