Elsa Pataky Outshines Chris Hemsworth At "Vacation" Premiere

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Elsa Pataky did the unthinkable. She out-glorified her husband, Chris Hemsworth, at the LA premiere of his new movie on Monday.

The Vacation star and Elsa Pataky looked amazing and man, does he clean up nice.

Chris Hemsworth wore a simply and classy suite, while Elsa Pataky worked a blush-colored lace mini dress and incredible nude stilettos.

Elsa Pataky's dress was detailed in flowers with a ribbon waist accent.

Elsa Pataky was there to support her hubby in his new role as Stone Crandall in the National Lampoon's Vacation sequel.

It's nice to see Chris Hemsworth in anything, and it seems his co-stars may have sometimes had a difficult time not focusing on his presence, especially when it came to trying on a few prosthetic, um, man pieces.

Christina said, “We had all been standing at the bottom of the stairs after he had been doing some fittings upstairs; like should it get into position to go to the left or go to the right, longer, shorter ... So finally they narrowed in on the hero penis, I guess! He came down and we were all clapping ..."

But, it wasn't just his incredible good looks and willingness to prance around in boxer briefs that made Applegate appreciate all he had to offer as an actor.

She said, “He’s this funny Australian dude who is really good at accents and he’s amazing and game for anything. When someone can make me laugh and is good at they’re job ... I was definitely impressed.”

Are you excited to see Elsa Pataky's hubby in the new Vacation?

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