Ellen Pompeo Speaks Out About Patrick Dempsey's Shocking 'Grey's Anatomy' Exit

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Ellen Pompeo has spoken out this week about Patrick Dempsey's shocking exit from Grey's Anatomy that still has diehard fans reeling. She hopes to continue her Meredith Grey story line as an inspiration to men and women who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

In fact, Ellen Pompeo is dedicating her future performances to grieving people all over the world.

On Thursday night, Grey's Anatomy aired a special two-hour episode that featured grief--that of those left behind at Seattle Grace--now, of course called Grey Sloan. Don't worry--there are no spoilers here, but if you want a fabulous recap without watching the show, Us Weekly has a very comprehensive one.

Ellen Pompeo shared her thoughts about the abrupt Grey's Anatomy change via Twitter on Monday.

What's your take on Patrick Dempsey's exit from the show? Can Ellen Pompeo keep fans intrigued enough to keep watching--even in Dempsey's absence?

If you didn't catch Thursday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, and witness the many roads Ellen Pompeo's character traveled since her husband's death, it's a must if you want to know what's happening when the next episode airs. So much change took place in those two hours that a thorough recap or viewing is required in order to understand what's transpired in Meredith Grey's world.

Not surprisingly, some reviews of Thursday night's two-hour episode aren't positive ones.

Can Ellen Pompeo keep Grey's Anatomy soaring--or will it simply sink without Patrick Dempsey on board?

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