Ellen DeGeneres Has Own Set of 'Golden Rules'

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Ellen DeGeneres has her own set of 'Golden Rules' that she strives to live by, and she claims they help ensure her happiness.

Known for her kindness as much as for her comedy, the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show says 'a mix of sleep, kindness and willingness to change' has long been at the top of her list of rules.

Married to actress Portia de Rossi, Ellen knows firsthand that happiness is all about compromise. Anyone who is committed to another human being can attest to the fact that selfishness has no place in any kind of relationship. Ellen DeGeneres is probably one of the least selfish celebrities around.

In addition to the aforementioned rules Ellen adheres to, she also believes in having no rules in life, not being afraid of change, and finding what you are passionate about and following it. She added that when she realized her passion was to make people happy and to make them laugh, she became extremely driven.

It's beyond obvious that Ellen DeGeneres enjoys making others happy. And she has a real talent for making people laugh. Do you suppose when her fans learn about her own set of 'Golden Rules' of happiness, that they will want to follow them, too?

Do you have specific rules you live by that help you achieve your happiness? Are they your own rules or some that others have tried and succeeded through using them?

Do you suppose Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer have discussed these rules for happiness? They seem to be creating lots of happiness--at least among their fans--by pulling hilarious pranks on one another.

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