Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning Grow Apart, Live Bi-coastal

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There's always some form of sacrifice that comes with success, and it appears sister-actresses Elle and Dakota Fanning are feeling the effects of it all. The two have been reportedly growing apart for quite some time now, as they are both focusing on personal and career aspirations.

According to Radar Online, the two siblings, who live on opposite ends of the country, have different perspectives and exceptions where their careers are concerned. This is partially why Dakota made the decision to leave Los Angeles. The Secret Life of Bees star made the move in an effort to distance herself from her younger sister. A source close to the two siblings spoke exclusively with Radar Online to address the separation.

“They have something of a peace treaty, in the sense that Elle gets L.A. to herself, while Dakota is much happier in New York. Dakota is living off of the fortune she made as a child actor, instead of chasing after every big job under the sun,” the source tells Radar.

This actually explains why the two are rarely ever seen together. Even pictures of the two together are a rare find, as they've redirected their focus toward developing their own identities, expanding their film resumes.

The source goes on to explain their distinct personality traits that contribute to their constant opposition. “Elle is the more ambitious one. Dakota is the one who could quit acting to start a band at the drop of a hat. Dakota is completely unimpressed with the red carpet culture in Hollywood, while Elle totally worships it,” explains the source.

While the synopsis is rather disheartening, it definitely elucidates how the two could clash. However, the opposition hasn't had much bearing on Elle's career, as she continues to move forward.

Elle Fanning recently wrapped up her latest film project Maleficent with veteran actress Angelina Jolie. The film is scheduled to hit theaters May 30, 2014. When asked about the 14-year-old actress, Jolie spoke of her co-star's work with high regards saying that she 'hopes to work with her again in the future'.

”They became firm friends on the set of Maleficent, and Angie’s decided to take Elle under her wing," a source told Star Magazine. "In this film, Elle really comes into her own and they’re looking for another project to develop together.”

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