Elizabeth Ramsey, Beloved Philippine Comedienne, Dead At 83

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Elizabeth Ramsey, a Philippine entertainer who entertained generations with her wit and racy jokes, died on Thursday in her sleep.

At 83, Elizabeth Ramsey had led a long life full of love and laughter when she passed away in her sleep.

According to her daughter, Jaya Ramsey, Elizabeth Ramsey suffered a seizure due to diabetes/hyperglycemia two months ago.

In an interview with Manila, Philippines media outlet dzMM in March 2014, Elizabeth Ramsey detailed how she got her start after becoming a housemaid.

She said, "Being a housemaid was my ticket to Manila. My mother did not know that I had left home. I am always missing. I am an adventurer. I am lucky…"

Mama Beth is now with our Lord... 83 years has been full. Love and laughter, she has given not just our family but the...

Posted by Jaya Ramsey on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Elizabeth Ramsey admitted that her father didn't like the path her life was taking, and in order to try to prevent her from going any further forced her to marry when she was 19.

She said, “I was 19. I thought it was just a joke then I gave birth to Isaac and Anna. But I still wanted to go on singing. I said to myself, ‘I’ll one day escape from this’ and then I took my children and went to Bacolod City [Negros Occidental] where I met rich people there while singing in gambling dens.”

Elizabeth Ramsey didn't stop there. She eventually formed a band and went on to become Philippines' "Queen of Rock and Roll".

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