Elizabeth Olsen Talks Like an Old Lady at 26

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Elizabeth Olsen is an old soul. She is only 26 years old, two years younger than her famous twin sisters, but she has this stay-off-my-lawn sensibility that sets her apart.

When Elizabeth Olsen talked to Fashion Magazine recently, she revealed a bit of that curmudgeon side.

"I don't [use] social media, and I feel like that's how people control their image. My image, in my mind, is just to disappear. I just want people to see the work that I'm proud of. I feel like you let people touch you when you have Instagram or Twitter, and I don't want to be touched all the time. I'm not going to do it—ever."

At the same time, Elizabeth Olsen defends her generation and is tired of seeing people her age being lumped into wide general categories and written off en masse.

“It is annoying to me the way my generation is written about—that we are all entitled slackers and hackers,” she said.

Elizabeth Olsen is set to play The Scarlet Witch -- a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff -- in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She digs the characters wisdom and grounded persona.

“She’s grounded and centered because she’s always receiving information—she knows everyone’s everything because of her telekinesis. She has access to the past, the present, the future and parallel universes—she can connect with all of them.”

She agreed to do the Avengers flick, even though she does not like doing violent films. In fact, Elizabeth Olsen has turned down films for another old soul reason.

“I read this brilliant script the other day that is a thriller but I had to say no to it. There’s enough violence in the world, why add to it? Superhero movies are about destroying robots not people so that doesn’t count. Besides, all the heroes—especially in Marvel comics—are about heralding the underdog or the outsider.”

Even her wardrobe has that uniform feel to it. She likes what she likes, and isn't afraid to buck the latest trends.

“I used to steal so many clothes from my sisters and wear them but now I buy the same thing all the time: white and black button up shirts from The Row. I’m in head to toe in The Row right now. Where the pockets are placed, where seams are stitched, it’s all so meticulous for them so I appreciate their talent. I love going to their offices to learn.”

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