Elizabeth Olsen On Tom Hiddleston and the Chemistry They Share

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Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston make an adorable couple. The two only recently went public with their dating life--and even that isn't really official. During a recent interview with MTV, Olsen--who is the younger sister of former Full House stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen--talked of the chemistry she and Tom Hiddleston had from the moment they met.

It was at an audition four years ago that Elizabeth Olsen met her man.

“Tom and I have been wanting to work with each other for a while,” she said. “We’ve known each other for about four years, and we met doing a chemistry read for an audition and we were like, ’oh my God, this would be so much fun if we worked with each other.'”

The two star in the upcoming film I Saw the Light, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this past week. The film is about country legend Hank Williams.

Elizabeth Olsen shared what a chemistry read entails, and how that led to the two starring in a film together.

“What happens is either people are so nervous that all they’re thinking about is what they’re doing in order to get the job, or two people are just like, ’I did the work and I guess we’re trying to figure out if we have chemistry, so I’m going to put all my focus on you and listen and play.’ We both, doing that to each other within the scene, the intention is always to check in on each other and measure them in a way and we were like ’oh, we’ll work really well together.'”

“That’s fun as an actor to find someone who you have very similar language with,” she added.

Fans can check out Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston starring in I Saw the Light when it opens in theaters in November.

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