Elizabeth Moss Will Miss Everything About 'Mad Men' Except One 'Annoying' Thing

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Elisabeth Moss, like most Mad Men fans, will miss the 60s-era dramedy when the show some to an end after nine years. However, there in one thing she says she is happy to say goodbye to — the old-school undies.

Elizabeth Moss, who plays secretary-turned-executive Peggy Olson on the AMC hit, says those undergarments will not be missed in the least.

“They’re basically like Spanx,” Moss told People magazine of the girdles and pantyhose she wore under her early-’60s wardrobe. “I don’t like wearing Spanx, and I don’t like wearing girdles either. They’re just annoying.

Apart from the binding undies, Moss said she really did like the "pretty dresses" she wore. However, the fashion of that era has inspired her to forego vintage and stick with modern-day attire.

“If anything, it made me go in the opposite direction and avoid certain lines and avoid retro,” she says. “We all avoided retro for years because it would be like if you played a cop on TV and you went to a premiere dressed as a cop.”

On the other hand, her bangs eventually grew on her.

“I didn’t like them at the time,” she said. “Now I think they were incredible and iconic. At some point years afterwards, I was like ‘God, that was so perfect for that character!’ ”

She also thinks the Chanel-inspired wool suits can be left in the past, saying she doesn't like “large-print-wool-plaid anything. It’s just not flattering on anyone.”

Luckily for Elizabeth Moss, who is set to star in The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway, her 60s look didn't take quite as long to create each morning in the dressing chair, except in Season 1 when she needed to receive padding to portray pregnant Peggy.

“I had the least amount [of time] in the chair,” she said.

“I wore padding and had three phases of facial prosthetics and gave myself five chins in the first season,” she remembers. “For me, that’s fun.”

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