Elizabeth Hurley: Ex Shane Warne Says Relationship Was Hard

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Elizabeth Hurley and cricket player Shane Warne seemed to be a perfect power couple when they started dating back in 2010.

When Elizabeth Hurley became engaged to Shane Warne in 2011, things seemed to be progressing into fairy tale territory for the two lovebirds.

But, Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne had changes in their lives that simply made it impossible to keep sustaining their relationship, so in 2013 they broke it off.

Now, Shane Warne, in an interview for Yahoo, is revealing what went wrong with Elizabeth Hurley.

He said, "[It was] Nothing specific. Nothing she did wrong, or I did wrong. It just didn't pan out.

He added, "Relationships are hard. Really hard. They shouldn't be, but they are. Tough. Always an interesting dinner conversation: are two people meant to be together for the rest of their lives?"

Well, apparently not these two people. He explained how scheduling conflicts ended up driving a wedge between him and Elizabeth Hurley.

He said, "It wasn't just scheduling. When we first met, she was basically not doing anything. She was a farmer. And I had retired from international cricket. But then Elizabeth went back to work, shooting movies and TV series."

He added, "I was playing cricket and poker. She was going to America, doing her breast cancer awareness stuff for Estee Lauder. I had my poker, I had cricket commentary. I had children in Australia, so just putting all that into the mix. The number of whiteboards we had about travelling."

Sounds rough! It's sad that life gets in the way of love sometimes.

However, Elizabeth Hurley isn't doing so bad these days.

For one thing, Elizabeth Hurley stars in the immensely popular show, The Royals, which keeps her plenty busy.

I'm not sure Jasper likes me.....#TheRoyals @theroyalsone

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Do you wish Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne could have worked it out?

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