Elizabeth Hurley Denies Affair With Bill Clinton


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Rumors that Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton have been sweeping the Internet and appearing in several different tabloids. Although Clinton was known as a ladies man and his affair with Monica Lewinsky made history, Hurley is denying the rumors. She even posted a response to the stories of her and Clinton on her Twitter account.

So where did these rumors come from? According to one tabloid, Hurley's ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore is overheard on an audio recording talking about the affair. He even goes into detail about the secret meetings that took place between Hurley and Clinton. Hurley dated Sizemore for over 3 years and according to the recording, was approached by Clinton and ask about the relationship.

When Sizemore told Clinton that he still talked to Hurley, Clinton asked for her number and the two had their first meeting shortly after. The recording also offers details about Bill and Hillary's relationship, claiming the two slept in separate bedrooms in the White House.

Sizemore is also allegedly heard saying that the relationship between Clinton and Hurley ended because Clinton was beginning to fall in love with Hurley, which was something he wasn't looking for.

According to a tabloid website, the recording took place in January 2014. The site did not give details about how the audio was obtained, but there appears to be a lot of background noise on the recording and it seems like Sizemore may have been at a party or crowded event.

Neither Clinton or Sizemore have released statements regarding the alleged recording or affair and Hurley has only commented via Twitter..

Do you think Hurley and Clinton could have had an affair or are these rumors simply lies?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.