Elisabeth Hasselbeck Speaks Up After "Black Lives Matter" Comments

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck has taken to Twitter to defend her recent comments on the BlackLivesMatter movement, which brought quite a bit of backlash her way recently, and says that it is her job to ask difficult questions.

Hasselbeck spoke to a guest on Fox & Friends on Monday about the recent shootings and altercations between the police and African-Americans, and asked why the movement hasn't been classified as a hate group.

"Kevin, why has the BlackLivesMatter movement not been classified yet as a hate group? I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?" Elisabeth asked guest Kevin Jackson.

The question erupted an entirely new conversation and brought backlash to the show and to Hasselbeck personally, and she took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain.

Jackson drew some ire with his own comments after calling the movement "nonsense" while discussing the recent shooting of Texas police officer Darren Goforth. The next day, in Minnesota, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters made national news with chants of "Pigs in a blanket" in reference to the police.

"The Friday events were tragic and certainly a stain on the nation. Saturday is pretty much par for the course these days. If you recall, they had the same chant a while back when another officer was killed. And then of course we had the officer that got beat up on camera, and they filmed him. The unfortunate thing is, the Black Lives Matter movement, which can only be described as nonsense, is creating a lot of this type of thing around the country. And it's gonna backfire, quite honestly."

Amanda Crum
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