Edward Snowden Is Now An Action Figure


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For some, the epitome of fame is having an action figure made of them. If Edward Snowden feels that way, he's now officially famous.

That's My Face, a company that makes custom action figures based on pop culture icons, has produced a life-like Edward Snowden doll. The doll comes with a 3D printed Snowden head on a standard 12-inch action figure body. He also comes with one of four outfits. The standard outfit is military brown and comes with a gun, because Snowden is obviously a dangerous expat.

The other outfits (which cost extra) include a casual outfit, an Indiana Jones outfit and a Business Suit outfit. The product pictures show him in a casual outfit with a NSA-branded laptop prop. He's also joined by a Julian Assange figurine because people think the two are friends or something.

If you want to get your very own Edward Snowden, he can be yours in the standard military brown outfit for $99. The other outfits range from an extra $25 to an extra $60. If you have your own standard action figure body, you can get just the head for $60.

Image via ThatsMyFace.com/YouTube