Ed Lover Joins vzillion


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On Monday, vzillion, the social utility, added former Yo! MTV Raps co-host Ed Lover (born James Roberts) to their Relationship Design Team, according to PR Newswire. Lover, well-known for his catch-phrase "c'mon, son!," began a career in entertainment over 20 years ago, and has appeared on "The Cosby Show," and more recently "Psych." He was once reprimanded by Oprah Winfrey for refusing to stop using the word "bitches" on his NYC-based show Hip-Hop Radio Power. Lover has interviewed entertainment industry icons including Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Nas and ...Oprah.

"Ed is an iconic personality within the hip hop community and we are insanely excited about him joining with us," said Antonio Collier, Founder and CEO of vzillion. Relationship Desigers at vzillion will intially seek out established and up and coming artists, athletes and brands to present the services and collaborative opportunities that vzillion has to offer. "Being a part of the beginning of a revolution was incredible at MTV" Lover stated, adding, "you could feel you were a part of something special. This is how it felt when I sat with vzillion."

Collier goes on to say, "our goal is to have people share in revenue within vzillion and own, not only their data, but also have a utility that works for them." Collier describes the Relationship Designer's role in regards to vzillion as being akin to the German term Gestalt-Ingeniuer, which basically translates to "creative engineer of the whole." As of now, vzillion's website appears to still be in the developmental stages, but one frame reads that their mission is "designing new and better ways to collaborate with humanity."