Salesforce Commerce Page Designer Creates Experiences With Clicks Not Code - Mike Micucci
Salesforce Commerce Page Designer – Creates Experiences With Clicks Not Code

“We have something brand-new we call the Commerce Page Designer,” says Mike Micucci, CommerceCloud CEO…

Sean Ammirati, Partner at Birchmere Ventures on Cloud Wars
Disney Takes a Playbook Out of Digitally Native Companies

“All of a sudden people are realizing that Disney is going to take the advantages that they have, content that nobody else has, moats that give them actual real leverage in the negotiations, and then they’re going to actually take a playbook out of these more digitally native companies,” says Sean Ammirati of Birchmere Ventures.”

EmployeeXM - The “Coolest” and “Most Sophisticated” Employee Experience Product - Qualtrics CEO & Co-Founder Ryan Smith
EmployeeXM – The “Coolest” and “Most Sophisticated” Employee Experience Product

“There’s a gap between what they think is happening and really what’s going on,” says…

Everything Can Be Digital At The End Of The Day, Says Wingstop CEO Charles Morrison
Everything Can Be Digital At The End Of The Day, Says Wingstop CEO

“Everything can be digital at the end of the day,” says Wingstop CEO Charles Morrison. “We still take a lot of phone orders and a lot of people still walk. So every time somebody accesses us we want the opportunity to digitize that transaction.”

Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Global Industries, Clients, Platforms & Blockchain at IBM
IBM Says Blockchain-Powered Shipping Industry Platform Will Dramatically Reduce Costs

Major ocean container carriers are joining TradeLens, a blockchain-enabled digital shipping platform, jointly developed by Maersk and IBM. With the addition of these carriers nearly half of the world’s ocean container cargo will be using blockchain technology to dramatically improve costs and efficiencies.

Building the Target of the Future

“We dropped back several years ago and started thinking about building the target of the future,” says Target CEO Brian Cornell. “It really started with an investment in understanding the consumer and really understanding what they were looking for and how to build the capabilities.”

AI: The Secret To Sustainable Supply Chains?

From open lines of communication to central intelligence systems, as the pressure in the shipping and logistics departments mounts, retailers have more to focus on than just creating quality goods and services. Artificial intelligence is changing the game for sustainability in supply chains.

Technology and Innovation Powering Levi Strauss Growth Strategy, Says CEO

Levi Strauss began trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the ticker symbol ‘LEVI.’ By mid-afternoon, the stock was at $22.66, substantially higher than the price offered to institutional investors. It’s clear that investors believe that Levi’s can leverage technology and innovation to successfully compete online and in brick and mortar stores.

Walmart is the Roman Empire of Retail

Walmart is the Roman Empire of retail, says Burt Flickinger, Managing Director of SRG Insights. Walmart announced an impressive earnings and revenue beat that told the story investors want to hear. Walmart is winning the retail wars, especially against arch-rival Amazon.

Rakuten Super Logistics To Open 6 New Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers

The recent USPS shipping structure changes will increase retailers shipping costs, says Rakuten CEO Mike Manzione. What Rakuten does is help retailers offset by utilizing a network of order fulfillment centers, thereby controlling shipping costs while decreasing shipping times.