Eating and Using Your Smartphone: Fun Facts

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As technology evolves so do our routines and rituals. Many people are using their smartphones as part of their dining experience. Think about it: how often are you using your phone either after or before a meal? Do you use your device while eating?

This next infographic from LAB42.Com addresses the issue of using our phones at mealtime. Almost a quarter of us are using our devices almost every time we eat. Almost half of us consider our devices to be an essential part of our meal. These are interesting habits.

So what are people looking at during their meals? All kinds of things actually. Some look at Facebook, others search for calorie content on the food they're about to eat, they shop for online deals, they take pictures, the list goes on. So what do you do while you're eating?

Take a look at this infographic. It truly speaks to how our behavior evolves based on the technology we surround ourselves with:


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