Earth Day Celebrated Around The World

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Earth Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1970. By 1990 it had gone international and today over 190 countries worldwide take part in Earth Day celebrations.

While the reason for celebrating Earth Day remains the same in every part of the world, the types of celebrations are different everywhere. Some countries celebrate by planting trees or flowers, others have large parades and festivals and some have special seminars and exhibitions.

If you love to celebrate Earth Day but have always wondered how other countries do it, check out some of these fun Earth Day activities from around the world.

Parades are a popular way to celebrate Earth Day. While many parades include children dressed like trees and flowers and floats made of recycled materials, in Tokyo, the parades act as protests, with people marching in protective suits and holdings signs that say "No Nuclear Power."

In Hungary, people celebrate Earth Day by riding their bicycles during the Critical Mass Bicycle Ride. After the race, the cyclists meet at a park in Budapest where they celebrate with food, drinks and other fun Earth Day activities. There were many other Critical Mass bike rides around the world as well.

In New York City, the The Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants campaign released 96 seconds of video footage of playful baby elephants. The film was made to show the world how baby elephants should be, but at the same time remind them that many of these baby elephants will grow up to be slaughtered for their ivory. The society says that on average, 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa.

In Riga, Latvia, Homo Ecos is offering to teach people how to make planters out of recycled materials and how to plant and care for various types of plants and urban gardens.

In Uganda, the 4-H Million Trees Project is working with school children to plant over 50,000 trees in honor of Earth Day. Many other organizations, schools and businesses also planted trees on Earth Day. In Ohio, many state parks urged campers to plant a tree to earn free camping stays.

How did you celebrate Earth Day this year?

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