E3: New Pokemon X & Y Details, Trailers Revealed

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Nintendo skipped holding a big E3 conference this year, opting to let Microsoft and Sony battle it out with their new consoles. That doesn't mean that Nintendo wasn't at E3, though. Instead of a flashy stage show, the company has put out a slew of new online videos, including Nintendo Directs, Developer Directs, and game trailers.

The new Super Mario 3D World and Super Smash Bros. were the big new announcements from Nintendo on Tuesday, but a Nintendo 3DS game announced earlier this year is probably more exciting to many fans. Pokemon X & Y have already been announced, but new details for the next main Pokemon titles have been revealed at E3.

At Nintendo's developer roundtable on Tuesday, Pokemon developers touted new connectivity and gameplay features. First up was the new Player Search System for Pokemon X & Y, which will allow players to trade and battle other players in their vicinity or worldwide.

Another new feature announced is a "Horde Encounter," which will pit players against wild Pokemon that attack all at once. Players will have to use just one Pokemon at a time to battle several, making moves that can hit multiple enemies at once an important part of the game.

Sky Battles are a new feature of X & Y. The happen when trainers in a specific region challenge players to a battle. Flying Pokemon only can participate in the battle, which takes place (wait for it) in the sky.

In addition to the new gameplay features, Nintendo also announced several new Pokemon: Clauncher, Talonflame, and Skrelp.

Clauncher is a water-type Pokemon that has one big claw capable of launching a "Crabhammer" attack.

Skrelp is a water- and poison-type Pokemon that resembles a piece of brown seaweed. It will use poison attacks to cause damage over time.

Talonflame is the evolved form of another new Pokemon, Fletchling. As a fire- and flying-type, it will use fiery and diving talon attacks to eviscerate other Pokemon.

Nintendo also released some new Pokemon X & Y trailers at E3. In addition to the long game trailer shown during a Nintendo Direct, a new gameplay trailer has been released since Tuesday, demonstrating Sky Battles and teasing Horde Encounters:

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