E-Trade Talking Baby Calls It Quits


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If you can't get enough of the talking baby from the E-Trade commercials, you'll have to get your fix on YouTube from here on out because the little man is done. After using the baby for six years, E-Trade is ready to move on.

Even though it might be tough to accept that the E-Trade baby won't be entertaining us in commercials during the Super Bowl anymore, all of you fans will be happy to hear that the baby is going out in an entertaining way at least. Not only does the little guy announce that he is quitting in a commercial during a bit of a tantrum, he also tells his fans goodbye on his official Twitter page.

During what appears to be a typical E-Trade commercial, a singing cat pops up and informs the talking baby that he is his new sidekick, which the little guy doesn't handle too well. "That's it, I'm done. I'm out of here. Amateurs," the baby says before throwing a phone at the camera. Watch the last E-Trade talking baby commercial below.

Check out the E-Trade baby's farewell note posted to Twitter:

All good things must come to an end, right? After all, if the Taco Bell dog can eventually find himself out of a job, it stands to reason that the same can happen to a one-year-old. On a slightly more serious note, branding expert Allen Adamson explained the reason the company decided to ditch the talking baby and said it didn't make sense to keep him around since online trading is so common now.

"It served its purpose when it first launched, to make it seem like anyone could trade online," said Adamson. "But now online trading is so common the baby has lost its mission." So far there is no word on what E-Trade's next campaign will be.

By the way, if you'd like to feel old, check out what the talking baby (portrayed by Manolo Gonzalez) looks like now.

Image via Twitter