Dwight Gooden Threats Lead to Restraining Order


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TMZ is reporting that former MLB pitcher Dwight Gooden has had a restraining order filed against him by his estranged wife. Monique Gooden had called police on March 1, claiming Gooden had made "terroristic threats."

A temporary restraining order has been granted against Gooden. Though he had been living with Monique while a divorce is in progress, Gooden has now left the premises. The order also prevents Gooden from visiting his children until a court hearing on March 11, where a judge will evaluate the restraining order and consider whether it should be permanent.

Unnamed documents quoted by TMZ stated that Monique claims Gooden said, "All bets are off an I will hurt you and your family. You'll see, just wait."

Gooden was arrested in 2005 for allegedly hitting Monique, whom he accused of throwing a phone at him. He was later released on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Gooden has a history of substance abuse dating back to 1987, when he tested positive for cocaine during spring training. He is currently on probation related to DWI and child endangerment charges.

(Image courtesy Jeff Marquis via Wikimedia Commons)