"Dumb And Dumber To" Teases Us With Iconic Tuxes

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"Dumb And Dumber To" has been twenty years in the making, and although some are worried that too much time has passed for its characters to have retained their ability to make us laugh, many are anxiously awaiting a new story about Harry and Lloyd.

We still have a while to wait--the sequel isn't due out until November--but there are two new teaser posters up to give us a glimpse of what we're in for, and fans of the original will be happy to know that they've brought back two very familiar items from the first movie: the orange and blue tuxes that Harry and Lloyd wore to the benefit gala.

The scene is one of the most memorable in a movie full of memorable moments: the best friends get themselves all dolled up--which includes sanding down their toenails--and into the finest clothing their "borrowed" money can buy to attend a fancy party. It's not clear if the tuxes will make an appearance in the new film or if the posters are meant to simply escalate our excitement for it, but either way, they're a bit of nostalgia that many will appreciate.

The film opens on November 14 and follows Harry and Lloyd in their quest to find one of their children in order to secure a kidney transplant.

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dumb and dumber to

dumb and dumber to

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