Duggar Family: Daughters Reveal Struggles

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The Duggar family is close and very connected to God. Their religion requires strict rules when it comes to dating and boys and although the Duggar daughters try to follow these rules and make their parents proud, they admit that it can be hard sometimes. Growing up in a family of 19 kids can be rough and the four oldest Duggar daughters have decided to reveal their struggles and secrets in a book called Growing Up Duggar.

The girls insist that although their parents are strict about dating that they are still normal girls and have a natural attraction for boys. They also say that although they respect their parents' rules, they don't always agree with them. The girls worry that people are not aware that they go through the same issues as any other girls their age, even though they don't necessarily have the same lifestyle.

“You may think that kids like the Duggars, who are homeschooled and don’t watch TV or read secular magazines, are immune from feelings like that, but we’re not!” they write in the book. “We’ve experienced some of those same negative feelings about the girl in the mirror that you may be feeling right now or have felt in the past.”

Boys and dating aren't the only thing the girls have struggled with. They recently learned that weight gain is almost inevitable as they age. Their mother Michelle Duggar has admitted to having an eating disorder as a young girl and her daughters say that she has offered them healthy dieting tips and makes sure to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the home for the girls.

Although the Duggar girls may appear to live a completely different life than most girls their age, they still have the same feelings, issues and struggles as anyone else. Their new book was released this month and offers a glimpse into the lives of the 4 sisters and their family.

What do you think of the Duggar family and their strict dating rules?

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