Duggar Divorce Hits Former "19 Kids and Counting" Family Hard

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A Duggar divorce is practically unheard of, so needless to say, when the former 19 Kids and Counting family heard the word used with regard to a family member this week, it hit them hard.

Anna Duggar has no doubt gone back and forth amidst lengthy prayers, deciding whether or not she should divorce her cheating husband Josh Duggar.

It isn't Anna Duggar who is getting divorced, however. Amy Duggar King's parents, Deanna Duggar and Terry Jordan, are getting divorced. Terry Jordan told Amy Duggar King the news via a text message on Christmas Eve.

"They've had a roller-coaster relationship for as long I can remember," Amy said in an interview with People magazine.

"I've always been the mediator between them, instead of just being their daughter I was also the counselor," she added.

"I've learned it's not my place to try and 'fix' their relationship anymore," Amy Duggar King said. "They are grown adults and I am, too. My main focus is to be a good wife, a help- mate, and Dillon and I work everyday to keep our marriage strong and healthy. Love isn't a feeling, it's a choice."

It seems Amy Duggar and hubby Dillon King have a solid marriage. The two celebrated their first Christmas together as husband and wife.

"He went above and beyond," she says of her Christmas gifts. Dillon King got her a brand new car and a rescue kitten named Wednesday.

"I couldn't ask for a better husband," she adds.

Sadly, Deanna Duggar isn't saying that about her husband. The two separated once before, but it sounds like the marriage is really over this time.

Deanna Duggar is the sister of former 19 Kids and Counting patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar.

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