Duck Dynasty Wife: I Brought Baggage into Family

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Duck Dynasty wife Jessica Robertson, who is married to Jep Robertson, admits that she brought baggage to the family. The reveal came in the book The Women of Duck Commander, which will be out April 1st. The book is promising as a window into the lives of one of the country's most famous families.

However, the family known for wholesome fun and Christian values has its share of past mistakes made by its members. Just like any other family, these past mistakes sometimes effect the family as a whole.

Jessica says all will be revealed in the new book.

In an interview with Fox 411, she said of Jep and his family, "Of course when I met his family I realized it ran deep in the roots of the family. I of course fell in love with the family and they welcomed me in their home and they were so forgiving of anything I did in my past as a young girl."

She wasn't alone in her past struggles, however. It seems her husband also had issues in the past that he has dealt with, with the help of his family.

She said, "...we struggled with different things when we were young. He both struggled in different areas of life and in different ways. We want to share with the world our love story and our love story for God, how he was so forgiving and how we can utilize these areas to hopefully help others and help our children. A lot of it is not just knowing God forgives you, it's forgiving yourself and moving on. Hopefully our book will be channeling some of those emotions."

The family's famous faith in God is one of the things that drew her to Jep in the first place. She says Jep was the one who baptized her.

"When I first met him I was just hanging out with him and his buddies, a group of people from church would hang out and do Bible studies. We met in March 2001 and in April he baptized me in the lake and then we started dating in June. We got married in October so it was really quick."

Jessica and the other wives from Duck Dynasty open up about all of their past struggles and what makes the Robertson family so great in the new book. It should be a pretty good read!

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