Duck Dynasty Stars Go Out for a Good Cause

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The stars of Duck Dynasty were out on the town in Charleston, W. Va., Saturday night for the event Dare to be a Duck. The night was sponsored by Youth Commission ministries, which, according to their website, is...

" ...a ministry focused on reaching the world for Christ through youth! Youth Commission helps middle and high school students start and maintain Christian clubs that meet on on their school campuses."

"We have students who love the Lord and are trying to make a difference in their homes, trying to make a difference in the community, and also on their school campus," said YCI's President and CEO Dennis Williams.

The club encourages kids to take a stand for their beliefs, just like the famous and quirky family they watch every week. Williams hopes to get more kids involved and let them know that they're not alone.

"We hope things explode here," said Williams.

The crowd welcomed the reality stars with open arms, and couldn't wait to meet in person the popular (and controversial) personalities of the hit show. Most people, when faced with the chance to meet reality stars in real life, want assurances that what they see on the screen matches up with their true personality.

"I want to see Duck Dynasty," said Aiden Blair. He and his father came from Ironton, Ohio to meet the stars and hopefully get a picture, according to WSAZ.

Andrew Reynolds, another fan of the show's family, came with one question on his mind. In fact, it's probably one that we all wonder at one point or another. "I was wondering what Si was like in real life."

The family does a great job supporting causes like this one, and surely welcome such distractions. It seems that they have put a tough year behind them and are using the experiences to move forward and do work that is close to their hearts and that actually makes a difference.

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