Dubstep Tebow: All He Does Is Drop The Bass

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I just downloaded the "#1 rated Tebow app in the App Store," and after playing around with it for a bit I've determined that you should too.

Despite cringing upon hearing that there could be an entire category called "Tebow apps," I have to say that I laughed pretty hard while tinkering with the new Dubstep Tebow app from Electric Green. It's pretty simple, but the amount of possible musical configurations gives it some staying power - that is, of course, if neither Dubstep or Tebow fall from the public's obsession. If you've watched ESPN or read a sports blog lately, you're probably aware that the latter isn't going to happen. My 18-year-old brother assures me that the other one won't happen either.

As of right now, the app features 10 different dubstep beats, which you can enhance with 10 different bass effects. Once you get those going, you can sample one of fifteen Tebow-related sound clips. These include Tebow himself, saying things like "God Bless" and screaming "LET'S GO." Tebow's "let's go" doesn't feel as powerful as Lil Jon's, however. Other clips include announcers and commentators, including ESPN's Skip Bayless with his now-famous "All he does is win" quote.

Possibly the coolest feature comes when you tilt your device. The app will mess with the speed of the bass depending on the level of tilt to produce that "fat bass wobble" that we all love hate know.

The app, available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, will run you $0.99. They promise "bigger and better" updates in the near future.

tebow dubstep app

One reviewer says, "I never thought I'd be making fat beats and listening to Tebow at the same time!"

Me neither, young Tebow fan, me neither.

[Via Gizmodo]
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