Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody Singer Wears a Viking Helmet to Court, Promptly Convicted

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Do you remember that hero clearly intoxicated guy who belted out the entire 6+ minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a cop car? Yeah, I know you do. The video hit viral paydirt earlier this year, after the RCMP dashcam caught the whole thing in all its out-of-tune but impassioned glory.

Well, he's been convicted.

The Calgary Herald reports that 29-year-old Robert Wilkinson will have to pay a $1,400 fine and will lose his driving privileges for one year after being found guilty of impaired driving and refusing a breathalyzer. If you were wondering, the dashcam footage was used in his trial.

The "unemployed karaoke singer" showed up to court in a viking helmet and a NASA t-shirt that read, "I need my space."

"I have done nothing wrong and even the situation where you grab me...has nothing to do with having been sorta intoxicated, as you proclaim! I didn't say that I was intoxicated when you grabbed me, and I haven't eereyaarrr..." said Wilkinson, drunkenly, before he began to belt out the Queen classic and cement his place in viral history.

If you missed his amazing performance when the video leaked back in March, you can check it out below:

Drunk driving is stupid and dangerous, even our Bohemian Rhapsodizer knows that. In a recent interview, Wilkinson said that he didn't want to promote the practice to young people. It's good to see he's taking all of this seriously.

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